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Newsletter de l’Euroteam - septembre 2019

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Article mis en ligne le 12 février 2020
dernière modification le 14 février 2020

News from CLC in Europe and Euroteam

  • Thanks to the former Euroteam
  • Introduction of the new Euroteam
  • European Assembly in Vilnius : “CLC as an Experience of Discernment. Five years of journeying with the Young” (7th to 11th of June 2019)
  • Training on Indifference
  • CLC Syria
  • Migration Network
  • Final Document
    We are preparing a short final document from the Assembly, which you’ll receive in the autumn.

Some words from the world ExCo …

  • To be decisive or not to be
    (Fernando Vidal - Eurolink in the World ExCo )

And the National communities…

  • Special Encounters At the Frontiers
  • D-A-CH – Holidays on the Lake Constance
  • International Hiking retreat in Biviers/ France
  • Spiritual Days in Lebanon - an encounter between European and Arab Christians
  • Holidays in Sweden (CLC Sweden and CLC Germany)
  • Meeting of presidents (CLC Poland/ CLC Lithunia)

You are invited ! (sessions, international retreats, gatherings)

  • Scratch Card – Poland
  • Université d’été – France

For further information

  • Newsletter

We will try to send you this newsletter more or less regularly in order to provide information about the work of the Euroteam and CLC communities. These newsletters offer the possibility to share events between national communities. So please send us the information you want to share.

  • CLC-CVX in Europe homepage

We are currently having some problems with our homepage – it has to be rebuilt. So don’t wonder if there are no updates. But we try to post regularly on Facebook (Christian Life Community in Europe). Please don’t hesitate to send us links and other information you want to share.

  • Contact details

Check the e-mail addresses in the document

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